(This article is about conferences targeting adults, not specifically erotica-related ones)

Most conferences in North America are organized for religious or educational purposes, so there’s no getting around those when we’re on this subject, but there are also events related to hobbies, occupations, arts, and crafts.


The BASIC (Brothers and Sisters in Christ) College Ministries’ national conference takes place each spring and fall in Rochester, NY. BASIC’s mission is to help local churches support college students in their studies and lives. This is achieved by organizing chapters that meet weekly on tens of campuses in Northeast America.


The Adult Education Research Conference (AERC) is an annual North American conference, where adult education researchers can share the results of their studies with one another, students, and practitioners from around the world. It’s more like an informal, collegial gathering than an Expo. Participants experience it as a retreat. They use the occasion to enter into lively debate on the future of adult education research.

This year, the AERC Conference will take place at Buffalo State College from June 6 to June 9.

The Muse and the Marketplace

This is an annual conference for writers that takes place each spring in Boston. Over 100 renowned authors, editors, literary agents, and publishers attend it every year. Those are just the experts! The visitors can be as many as 1000 any given year.

This conference is a great place to be if one wants to observe multiple sessions or is looking to attend a literary conference aimed at people of all walks of life.

The Muse and the Marketplace attracts quite a few top New York agents and editors. You can pitch them for an extra fee.

Kanuga Conferences and Retreats

Disclaimer: Kanuga is a religious organization.

It sponsors events that provide restful, enlightening, and transforming experiences. These range from sports activities to stuff like knitting & quilting (taking place at the time of writing).